Tips For Purchasing Women’s Polo Shirts

We’re in the 21st Century. The sporting (and non-sporting! Which, by the way, goes back a long way in history. In the 1920s, people who were playing sports while actively engaged in it were called members of the national team. They were as much a volunteer as they were a participant. And, while team sports were still predominantly performed by men, women were increasingly able to participate.

The single most important development in sports clothes for women has been the development of the woman polo shirt. A lot of things have changed since tennis arrived on the scene, but there have only been few other styles that have come close to it.

The reason that women’s polo shirts are so popular is not just because they’re soft, breathable, and functional (although they are those things). Women like them because they look great. They coordinate with the colors of the skirt and car, and other colors and prints in the wardrobe. Most of all, they look great on both sides of the divide: they look good on women and they look great on men too.

There are, however, some things to consider before you purchase your own woman polo shirt. You should keep a few things in mind, here and there, to ensure that you get true value for the money you spend. If you don’t know what this means, don’t be afraid! Here are some simple tips for purchasing one that not only looks good but can also perform well.

  1. Get the right material. You want a shirt that not only looks good, but that breathes well and keeps you cool. This means choosing a shirt that is made out of a fabric that allows the skin to breath. You want the fabric to conform to the shape of the body. If it doesn’t, it will keep you hot. You can find this out by feeling the fabric for yourself. Wearing it for a few minutes will help you understand why you want good material. And, when you do, remember to keep it away from harsh chemicals and good UV rays, which can ultimately damage your skin.
  2. Get the size right. When you try the shirt on, make sure you have the right size. The look of the shirt and the comfort are definitely important, but to be honest, the comfort is probably the most important characteristic of a good shirt. After all, if you don’t feel good about the shirt, you won’t feel good in it (with regards to how you look). And, this applies to women, but to a much lesser extent. Size-wise, women’s shirts actually follow the opposite of men’s, being slightly larger. This holds true for both casual and dress shirts. Another great way to differentiate between two sizes you find in men’s and women’s shirts is the neck width. Again (tone down tone) the men’s shirts typically have a larger neck width and a regular fit. Contrastingly, women’s shirts are much narrower and will often fit like a slash.
  3. Get the style right. I can’t stress this enough. There are far too many different styles to choose from in women’s dress shirts. You’ll need to experiment a bit and see what looks best on you. Many women buy a certain style and then find it doesn’t fit properly, and are left with a shirt that, to their eye, looks like it came from the bargain bin. When doing your own experimenting, don’t forget to factor in the negative reviews you may receive for resulting shirt choices. Don’t take comments personally, but understand when you receive a negative comment that you think is based on a bad shirt/or fit, rather than the review. If you have purchased the shirt at a lower price, it may be an inflated price known to be just a pre- Sale price, and not the actual retail price. You can find a shirt that may have more fabric, or a lighter weight than a traditionally purchased women’s dress shirt, without having to pay a fortune, if you search.

So, in closing it’s really not hard to find the clothing you want and need. The key is knowing where to look and what you are looking for. And most times, if you know what you are looking for, it will be obvious to shoppers. So, start searching today, and start wearing the women’s dress shirts you really want.

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